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Miami Lakes Optimist Flag Football

Miami Lakes Optimist Flag Football Covid-19



Face Covering Policy

Face coverings are always required for all patrons who are not doing any strenuous physical activity.  

1.      Coaches and spectators on the sidelines must always wear a facial covering.

2.      Spectators are only permitted in designated areas and must practice social distancing. All spectators must always wear a mask.

3.      Participants must wear a facial covering while not in active play.

4.      Referees, volunteers, and league officials must always wear a mask.

5.      Coaches, players, and/or volunteers removing their face covering to argue their point will not be permitted.

Temperature checks and Health Assessment

1.      Health assessments must be done and turned in before every practice and games.

2.      Temperature checks will be taken before players can practice or participate in games.

3.      Temperature checks for officials for referees and officials before games begin.


1.      Each team should have a minimum of 2 footballs for practice and game day.  While one football is being used in play, the other football should be on the sideline, sanitized, and ready to go in case of ball exchange.  When a football comes to the sideline, it should immediately be sanitized and wrapped in a sanitized towel when it is completely sanitized. 

2.      The football should be exchanged for a new sanitized football after every change of possession and/or if the official sees fit to.

Team Size and practice 

1.      Teams will be limited to less than 8 players and 3 coaches.

2.      Depending on the number of teams, practices will be limited to once per week.


Social Distancing

1.      No handshaking before and after games. No Personal Contact Celebrations.

2.      Game day only direct family members are allowed at the games. Maximum of 2 spectators per player.

3.      Spectators are to be in the designated area and socially distance (6ft) unless they are from the same household.

4.      Spectators are to leave once the game of the family member is over. There should be no congregation before or after the games from players, coaches, and spectators.

5.      Bleachers will not be used. Spectators must bring their own chairs.

6.      Players must bring their own water and snacks. No sharing

7.      Parents are encouraged to wait in the car during practice but can sit on the sideline as long as they are following the proper protocols.

8.      No practicing against other teams.



COVID-19 Response Plan

When a player, coach, volunteer, or official has been determined to have a temperature above 100.4 degrees, they are not permitted to play or participate in the game or practice and must immediately leave the field until they can be cleared by a medical doctor and/or, a negative COVID-19 test and/or quarantine for 14 days symptom-free. They are prohibited from participating in any activities that day.  If COVID-19 symptoms exist, a negative COVID-19 test result may be required.  

When a referee has a temperature above 100.4 degrees, they are required to leave the field immediately. The game may start with 1 referee.

What to do when notification of a COVID-19 positive participant or coaches has tested positive:

1.      Notify coach or administration.

2.      10 Day waiting period and a negative test result to resume play.


               Any coach, volunteer, or board member found to be concealing a positive test result of a participant will be subject to suspension or expulsion as determined by the Miami Lakes Optimist.