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Miami Lakes Optimist Flag Football








Playoff and Championships will be on Saturday December 11th




Royal Oaks Fields Layout

110USeed 8Seed 9A12:00 PM
B12:00 PM
210USeed 2Seed 7C12:00 PM
310USeed 4Seed 5D12:00 PM
410USeed 3Seed 6A1:00 PM
517USeed 4Seed 5B1:00 PM
614USeed 3Seed 6C1:00 PM
714USeed 4Seed 5D1:00 PM
812USeed 2Seed 7A2:00 PM
912USeed 3Seed 6B2:00 PM
1012USeed 1Seed 8C2:00 PM
1110USeed 1Game 1D2:00 PM
1212USeed 4Seed 5A3:00 PM
138USeed 1Seed 4B3:00 PM
148USeed 2Seed 3C3:00 PM
156USeed 2Seed 3D3:00 PM
1610UGame 11Game 3A4:00 PM
1710UGame 2Game 4B4:00 PM
1814USeed 1Game 7C4:00 PM
1914USeed 2Game 6D4:00 PM
2012UGame 10Game 12A5:00 PM
2112UGame 8Game 9B5:00 PM
2217USeed 1Game 5C5:00 PM
2317USeed 2Seed 3D5:00 PM
248UGame 13Game 14A6:00 PM
B6:00 PM
2510UGame 16Game 17C6:00 PM
2614UGame 18Game 19D6:00 PM
276USeed 1Game 15A7:00 PM
B7:00 PM
2812UGame 20Game 21C7:00 PM
2917UGame 22Game 23D7:00 PM