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Miami Lakes Optimist Flag Football

Team Roster Construction

At the conclusion of the Skills Clinic/Combine, the League Commissioner assembles the team rosters. We are supremely aware of the fact that the kids want to play with their friends/family members/preferred coach and that many parents want to win every game by 50 points. We try to do as much as we can every season to accommodate all requests for teammates and coaches when forming teams, but satisfying every request simply isn’t possible. As a result: No teammate or coach request is guaranteed! 

This means that when you sign up your child, you should be aware that he or she may be placed on a different team than you'd like. We're sorry! That's just how the process works sometimes. We promise that your child will have a fun season no matter what team they end up on. 
A number of factors are considered when forming teams:

  • requests made by parents/kids for a particular coach;
  • requests made by parents/kids for particular teammates;
  • requests made by parents/kids to NOT to have a particular coach or teammate;
  • requests made by coaches for a particular player, including their own child;
  • strength/experience of team.